Today our elementary grades K-3 are visiting the Montana Corn Maze. In order to go, students worked hard on their reading skills. Check out their results:

Kindergarten: Learned 5 sight words and how to read them in a sentence

                                 Spell their names

                                Put jumbled up A, B, C’s in order

1st Grade: Learned 30 sight words and how to read them in sentences

                        Learned how to log onto their AR accounts and take book quizzes

                       Each student read 3 books and took the quizzes.

2nd Grade: Each student read an average of 26 pages a week by reading 2 books each week

                          The total pages read was over 700+ in just a short time!

                           Students took their AR quizzes for each book and passed.

3rd Grade: Each student read a 60+pg book and took their AR quiz

                         The average # of pages students read was 70.

                         The total # of pages read was 950+. Amazing!